Prof. Vikita Bora

Prof. Vikita Bora

Assistant Professor

Qualification : 

MSc in Civil Engineering with Focus on Structures, Purdue University, West Lafayyete, Indiana

Profile : 

Prof. Vikita Bora is an Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at MIT WPU. She has completed her Masters in Structural Engineering from Purdue University after which she worked at various Structural Engineering positions in the US.

She has 5+ years of teaching and industrial experience.

Her industrial experiences include designing a variety of structures including Steel, concrete  and Wooden Structures like Buildings, Stadiums, Hospitals and many more and directing team of 50+ engineers in Miscellaneous Steel Design. 

Her current research mainly focuses on developing sustainable structural engineering techniques. She and her team are currently trying to develop 100% SRW concrete - i.e concrete made out of 100% secondary raw waste. 

 Subject Taught : 

Dams and Hydraulic Structures, Applied Mechanics, Advanced Design of Structures, Linux Based Python Laboratory, Basic IoT Laboratory etc.