Prof. Mrs. Nutan Pathak

Prof. Mrs. Nutan Pathak


Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering

M.E. Structures
B.E. Civil

Research Papers:
Research paper 1 : Experimental Investigation of Properties of Concrete Cast in Magnetized Water IJSTE – International Journal of Science Technology & Engineering |Manuscript IDIjSTEV317011, Publication date 1/2/2017, Volume 3 | Issue 07 | January 2017, ISSN (online): 2349-784X, Pg: 1-6
Research paper 2 : Experimental investigation to enhance compressive strength of concrete blended with plastic waste using magnetized waterInternational Research journal of Engineering and technology 10 October 2017 Volume 4 Issue10e-ISSN23950056 p-ISSN23950072 pg191-195
Research paper 3 : Experimental Investigation of ceramic waste concrete using magnetized water International Research journal ofEngineering and technology10 October 2017 Volume 4 Issue10 e-ISSN23950056p-ISSN23950072pg-196-200

Teaching Experience : 27 years

Research Experience : 8 years

Applied Mechnics,Strength of Materials,Structural Design III Sub Sea Engineering , Advancd design of structures. Structural Design II