Prof.Dr. Yogendra Kanitkar

Prof.Dr. Yogendra Kanitkar


“Dr. Yogendra Kanitkar is an assistant professor in the school of civil engineering. He holds a B.E. (Shivaji University 2009), M.S. (Clemson University, USA 2012), and Ph. D. (Michigan State University 2017). He has been a faculty at the school since 2018. Dr. Kanitkar specializes in environmental engineering. His core research interests include water and wastewater treatment, biodegradation, remediation of contaminated sites, and air pollution control. He is published in leading international environmental engineering journals and currently working on hazardous waste management as well as recycling methods for e-waste. He teaches CE 111 (Applied Mechanics), CE 221 (Fluid Mechanics), and CE 321 (Environmental Engineering) for the undergraduate program. He is a member of the Water Environment Federation (WEF). He is the recipient of the outstanding doctoral student in environmental engineering (Michigan State University 2017) and the Ivanhoe foundation water research award (Clemson University 2011). He also volunteers for several non-governmental organizations in Maharashtra working for clean water and sanitation.”

Ph.D. Environmental Engineering
M.S. Environmental Engineering
B.E. Environmental Engineering

Research Papers:
Research paper 1 : Kanitkar YH, Stedtfeld RD, Steffan RJ, Hashsham SA, Cupples AM. 2016. Development of loop mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) for rapid detection and quantification of Dehalococcoides spp. biomarker genes in commercial reductive dechlorinating cultures KB-1 and SDC-9. Applied and Environmental Microbiology:AEM. 03660-03615.
Research paper 2 : Y. H. Kanitkar, R. D. Stedtfeld, P. B. Hatzinger, S. A. Hashsham, and A. M. Cupples, “Development and application of a rapid, user-friendly, and inexpensive method to detect Dehalococcoides sp. reductive dehalogenase genes from groundwater,” Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol., vol. 101, no. 11, 2017.
Research paper 3 : Y. H. Kanitkar, R. D. Stedtfeld, P. B. Hatzinger, S. A. Hashsham, and A. M. Cupples, “Most probable number with visual based LAMP for the quantification of reductive dehalogenase genes in groundwater samples,” J. Microbiol. Methods, vol. 143, 2017.

Research Papers:
Nutrient removal systems

Teaching Experience : 7 years

Industry Experience : 2 years

Research Experience : 7 years

Applied Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Environmental Engineering