Prof. Dr. Shantini Bokil

Prof. Dr. Shantini Bokil

HOS-School of Civil Engineering

“A fine professional, responsible in preparing and delivering lectures in classroom discussions. I have completed a doctorate degree in the area of “Environmental and Sustainable Engineering. Have formed lesson strategies, presented creative presentation material to students, responding to students learning needs and evaluating students’ progress. Have sound background in engineering and the ability to conduct research and feasibility studies in fields of interest; Have a touch base with other engineering professionals to update on latest principles that govern the field that will enhance the learning experience of students. Very communicative, so can reach effectively to students level, passionate and sensitive about what I deliver to the students. Worked as Student’s Counselor, women grievance cell member. I deliver lectures on “ Sharing Happiness” for women and “Science and Spirituality.

As a team we have successfully organized Aarohan, a National Level Cultural fest at MITWPU. In this Era of internet and globalization, every student is well equipped with the latest information and is unable to assimilate to apply it on the in the day to day activities. They remain confused and float in this abundant information available and are not focused to take a definite decision. I do believe that every person is unique. I am passionate about guiding and facilitating the younger generation for their overall development. The Universe always blesses some human beings with a heart of full of compassion and eagerness to guide these students. I feel, I am one of them and would surely like to use this asset for the benefit of my students.

Ph.D. Civil
M.E. Consruction
B.E. Civil

Research Papers:
Research paper 1 : Rai, R. K., and Bokil, S. A., “Removal of dyes from textile effluent using bamboo waste as low cost adsorbent”, Journal of Public Health Engineering, July 2016,Vol.XXXXIV, No. 2, pp. 25-31.
Research paper 2 : Rai, R. K., and Bokil, S. A., “Preparation and characterization of activated carbon from bamboo by chemical activation”, Journal of Catalyst Catalysis, 2016, Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 1-6.
Research paper 3 : Bokil, S. A., and Rai, R. K., ” Advanced treatments for sustainable textile waste water management: kinetic studies Indian Water Works Association, Kolkata Centre, 47thAnnual Convention on Sustainable Technology Solutions for Water Management, 2015

Teaching Experience : 20 years

Industry Experience : 2 years

Research Experience : 6 years