Prof. Dr. Sandeep Potnis

Prof. Dr. Sandeep Potnis


“I have completed my Masters in Structural Engg. and PhD(Structural Engg.) from Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli. I have more than 25 years of teaching experience and I have been doing research in Tunnel Engineering, Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Innovative teaching aids and fostering creativity and innovation. I have guided several B.Tech. and M.Tech. students for their projects. Five research scholars are pursuing Ph.D. under my guidance. More than 25 papers are published in reputed journals. I was instrumental in conducting ‘Certificate Program in Tunnel Engineering’ (First time in India) at MIT World Peace University, Pune in collaboration with Montan University, Leoben, Austria. I visited Montan University to sign MOU. I took initiative to start M.Tech. (Tunnel Engineering) program, first of its kind in India.

I have been teaching conceptually complex courses like Engineering Mechanics, Structural Mechanics etc. While teaching these courses I realized that many students have difficulty in understanding the basic concepts in these courses. To overcome this problem I have developed ‘Self Learning Models’. Hands on experience on these models help students to understand the concepts thoroughly. I have received ‘Best Innovative teacher Award’ of Pune University, Pune for development of these models. I have presented papers in various conferences in India and abroad to share these experiences with teaching community. I presented paper ‘Self Learning Models :Interactive Teaching Aid’ at Stanford University ,USA in June 2014. I have been awarded fellowship by Institute of Engineers, India. I have received research grant of Rs. 1.8 Lac from BCUD.

I have passion for fostering creativity and innovation among engineering students. I presented a paper on ‘Integrating Creativity and Innovation in Indian Engineering Education system’ at Stanford University, USA. My students have bagged prizes in various competitions at national level. He was awarded ‘Best Innovative Teacher Award’ by Pune University. Recently I was awarded ‘IUCEE Faculty Fellow Award’ by Indo Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE).

I am actively associated with following professional bodies :

Fellow, Institution of Engineers (India), Civil Engineering Division.
Life Member, Indian Society for Technical Education.
Life Member, Indian Society of Earthquake Technology
Life Member of Tunneling Association of India
Member of International Association of Continuing Engineering Education
Three research papers of my three M.Tech.(Tunnel Engg.) students are selected for oral presentation at ITA–AITES WORLD TUNNEL CONGRESS (WTC 2020). It will take place at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in May 2020.

M.E. Structural Engineeing
B.E. Civil

Research Papers:
Research paper 1 : Magnetized Water IJSTE – International Journal of Science Technology & Engineering | Manuscript IDIjSTEV317011, Publication date 1/2/2017, Volume 3 | Issue 07 | January 2017, ISSN (online): 2349-784X, Pg: 1-6
Research paper 2 : Experimental investigation to enhance compressive strength of concrete blended with plastic waste using magnetized waterInternational Research journal of Engineering and technology 10 October 2017 Volume 4 Issue10e-ISSN23950056 p-ISSN23950072 pg191-195
Research paper 3 : Experimental Investigation of ceramic waste concrete using magnetized water International Research journal ofEngineering and technology10 October 2017 Volume 4 Issue10 e-ISSN23950056p-ISSN23950072pg-196-200

Teaching Experience : 29 years

Industry Experience : 1 year

Research Experience : 5 years

Applied Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Theory of Structures, Advanced Analysis of Structures