Prof. Dr. Mrudula Kulkarni

Prof. Dr. Mrudula Kulkarni

Director Students Affairs & Professor

I am Director Students Affairs MITWPU and Professor at the School of Civil Engineering at MITWPU. I was Professor and Head of Department of Structural Engineering at MIT Pune.until June 2017. Earlier I did my doctoral research at College of Engineering Pune, Pune University, in the field of Bio Mechanics under the guidance of Dr. Satish Sathe and Dr. K.H.Sancheti.( 2003-2007) . I received my Bachelors from MIT Pune, Pune University in 1990. and Masters in Structural Engineering from Government College of Engineering Karad in 1994. I am involved in teaching since 1990 and teach various structural mechanics and design subjects at undergraduate and Postgraduate level. I was instrumental in setting up MIT CAD CAM CAE Design and Training center ( 2000-2008).I am the Ph.D. supervisor and Three students have been awarded doctoral degree till date. I am involved in funded research projects of an International level and done academic collaborations for my Institute and Department. My specific research interests lie in Bio-Mechanics, Precast Structure, Innovative Designs, and Construction Technology. I have worked on various administrative bodies at Pune University in the capacity of Senate Member, member Board of studies, member Faculty of Engineering.

Ph.D. Civil Engineering
M.E. Civil -Structures
B.E. Civil

Research papers:
Research paper 1 : Mrudula Kulkarni, Sathe S.R,Sharma K.C.‘Orthotropic material properties of cortical femur bone from Indian donors’ International Journal of Tissue Engineering and Artificial Organs. Critical Math publication.ISSN 0971-1198 H Index 6, May –August 2008, Vol 22, No 1, pp 8-14.
Research paper 2 : Mrudula Kulkarni, Sathe S.R., Sharma K.C.`Finite Element Analysis of Mechanical Behavior of SMP Hip joint implanted in femur bone. Journal of Trends in Biomaterials and artificial Organs, critical Math Publication,ISSN 0971-1198,H index :6,Vol 23 ,No 1,May August 2009 –pp10-15.
Research paper 3 : Healthcare for all in emerging countries: a preliminary investigation of facilities in Kolkata, India Ann Ist Super Sanità20 16-02-07 | journal-article URL:

Design of Hip Joint simulator

Teaching Experience : 28 years

Research Experience : PI for 5 Funded research Projects.Four projects completed.

Adv solid Mechanics,Theory of Plates and Shells,FEM,Biomechanics, Subsea Engineering,Adv.Design of Steel structures