Prof. Dr. Arunabh Pandey

Prof. Dr. Arunabh Pandey

Assistant Professor


Dr Arunabh Pandey is an Assistant Professor in the School of Civil Engineering, MIT World Peace University, Pune. He received his B.E. in Civil Engineering (2010) from Government Engineering College, Jabalpur and M.Tech with honours (Transportation Engineering) in 2013 and PhD in 2019 from IIT (BHU), Varanasi. His research focuses on eliminating the challenges of waste utilization and improving their performance in concrete pavements. His core research interest is to probe the microstructure of low carbon concrete by focusing on composition-microstructure-performance relationships in cement concrete and using the resultant changes in microstructure and phase composition to understand the long-term performance of the concrete pavement.

He qualified GATE in 2011 (AIR = 1640). He has published several research papers in top-ranked journals in Civil Engineering. He has been an active reviewer of various renowned international journals such as Construction & Building Materials (Elsevier), Case Studies in Construction Materials (Elsevier), Sustainable Production & Consumption (Elsevier), Waste Management (Elsevier), Innovative Infrastructure Solutions (Springer Nature), Materials (MDPI) and Sustainability (MDPI). He has reviewed more than 50 papers for these journals. He was funded by MHRD to attend an international conference in Singapore in 2016. Presently, he teaches ‘Advanced Construction Techniques’ and ‘Airport Planning and Maintenance’ to undergraduate students.


  • PhD
  • MTech (Transportation Engineering)
  • BE (Civil Engineering)

Publications (selected):

A. Pandey, B. Kumar, Utilization of agricultural and industrial waste as replacement of cement in pavement quality concrete: a review, Environmental Science & Pollution Research. (Accepted) 2022. (SCIE)

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Applied Mechanics, Basic Civil Engineering, Advanced Construction Techniques, Airport Planning & Maintenance