Co-Principal Investigator: Mahesh M. Makwana

Title: Fostering Research culture and raising infrastructure for Research
Date of Commencement and Period of funding: 1 April 2017 Two years
Amount (Rs.) : 14,00,000
Funding Agency : AICTE RPS scheme

To establish new technology in recycled concrete waste , entrepreneurship ,and to create research ambience for masters and doctoral students of civil engineering for projects based on `Characterization of concrete demolition waste ,its recycling for low cost construction products.` The department also has published works in the field of `Precast concrete technology and product development’. One of the recent challenges faced by construction industry is `concrete debries300-500 kg/sq. meter& construction waste 40-50 kg/sq. meter is created. It is an important constituent which consumes huge amount of aggregates made of natural stone and sand utilizing huge natural resource. Due to continuous and fast development in infrastructure, this demand of concrete is increasing day by day which results in increased consumption of quarried stone as an aggregate. Projections for building material requirement by the housing sector indicate a shortage of aggregates. There is a significant gap in demand and
supply. On other side daily generation of Construction and Demolition Waste (C&DW), is increasing day by day. Hence recycling of these waste and reuse as construction material can reduce the depletion of natural resource, Constituting major benefit towards the environment protection. This research proposal intends to create research environment and come up with innovative design solution for use of recycled concrete as construction material. Also proposal; aims at generating knowledge, testing and consultancy opportunity, entrepreneurship opportunity for young engineers, contribute in `Sustainable material technology for low cost housing projects`.