Title: Performance Evaluation of Tuned Liquid Dampers on the Seismic Response of R.C.C. building

Principal Investigator: Sunil S Pimplikar
Co-Investigator: Sandeep C Potnis
Sanctioned Date : 10/02/2015
Total Fund Sanctioned:- 170000

This research investigates the benefits of overhead water tank with respect to cost. There are three different types of dynamic vibration absorber which are sub types of passive damper such as tuned liquid damper, tuned liquid column damper, tuned mass damper. The water tank where used as damper will get the several benefits than the other two dampers. Every building is having water tank and if used it as damper will serve our purpose in both directions as damper and as storage of water also. The comparison is done between Tuned mass damper, Tuned liquid damper and Tuned liquid column damper which are the types of dynamic vibration absorbers which are passive dampers. The life cycle cost is considered during the study.