Principal Investigator :  Prof D.G Gaidhankar

Title: Experimental Investigation of Ferrocement Panels under Impact load
Date of Commencement and Period of funding:  April 2014-March 2016
Amount (Rs.)  : 1,70,000
Funding Agency :  University Of Pune

For rapid growing residential and industrial sectors, advanced technology is required. Hence development of different materials of constructions, low cost housing and time saving construction methods are some of the different measures that research works and engineers have been attempting towards meeting this challenge. Generally the concrete structures are designed for static loads. But sometimes such structures may be subjected to dynamic loads arising from blasts, impulsive loads, impact by external projectiles, military or terrorist activities, accidental explosions of various chemical compounds, machine vibrations and earthquake. During blast and fragment impacts from small charges, the structure will shake, vibrate, severe crushing of concrete occurs and crater forms in the front of the concrete and for large charge, large penetration will occur and will result in scabbing to the back side of the wall or perforation with risk of injury for people inside the structure. As concrete is having low tensile strength and poor impact resistance, much research has been directed towards developing a material which exhibit better impact resistance than concrete. Ferro-cement has emerged as a viable structural material with high tensile strength and better impact resistance. Hence, Ferro-cement panels needs to be studied for knowing its flexural strength under Universal Testing Machine and the energy absorption capacity under Low Impact and High Impact loading by using different meshes with different number of mesh layers and with different thickness of panels. The effect of different meshes also needs to be studied under flexural and impact loading.