Principal Investigator :  Prof. Mrs. N. J. Pathak

Title: Effect of Magnetic water on Engineering properties of Concrete
Date of Commencement and Period of funding:  April 2014-March 2016
Amount (Rs.)  : 1,80,000
Funding Agency :  University Of Pune

The most important challenge for concrete technologists is to improve the compressive strength of concrete and to get more workable concrete at less water .Most researchers concentrate on Aggregates, cement and admixtures. Water is an important and cheap ingredient of concrete. As it actively participates in chemical reaction with cement; it can be treated to improve properties of concrete using permanent and electronic magnetizer.   Concrete cubes are cast and cured in normal water and magnetized water of different TDS using all permutation and combination. Magnet of  1.2 tesla is used. Workability of concrete and compressive strength of cubes was found out. It is found that compressive strength is improved by 10 to 20 % but less improvement in workability.